Dejvické divadlo,

Miroslav Krobot’s piece was inspired by actual events from the life of this legendary Stone member.  It not only offers spectators the chance to meet Mick, Keith and Charlie, but also a number of heroes starring in Brian’s tripping world: Bunny, Donkey and Bear. Together our friends experience a great many surprising adventures. And when Frank the builder leaves, they even head out on an expedition.

If we think back to the Orchestra Rehearsal at the Vinohrady Theatre, Leoše aneb Nevěrně Tvou at Archa, it’s not hard to spot Prague Proms chooses music-themed shows deliberately. And we just can’t contain our excitement for this one!



  • Miroslav Krobot | Brian
    A play about an expedition 


  • Jaroslav Plesl
  • David Novotný
  • Hynek Čermák
  • Martin Myšička / Miroslav Krobot
  • Pavel Šimčík
  • Václav Neužil
  • Jiří Konvalinka
  • Richard Fiala
  • Lenka Krobotová
  • Set and costume design: Andrej Ďurík
  • Music by: Marek Doubrava, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Gustav Mahler
  • Music direction: Marek Doubrava
  • Dramaturgy: Karel František Tománek
  • Directed by: Miroslav Krobot 
  • Running time: 1 hour 25 minutes, without an interval