Brubeck Brothers Quartet

Brubeck Brothers Quartet

The Loop Jazz Club – Hybernia Theatre,

In 1958, Dave Brubeck and his famous Quartet was sent by the US State Department on a tour to Europe behind the “Iron Curtain” and then onto the Middle East.

Now, 60 years later, two of Dave's sons, bassist Chris Brubeck and drummer Dan Brubeck (both of whom toured and recorded extensively with Dave Brubeck) will be playing at the Prague Proms with their group  The Brubeck Brothers Quartet. The Brubecks will be joined by pianist Chuck Lamb and guitarist Mike DeMicco.

The Brubeck Brothers Quartet have played all the major jazz festivals in North America and their 3 CDs have hit the top of the American jazz radio charts. The BBQ will be playing some of the original tunes that Dave Brubeck made famous and which were inspired by that historic 1958 tour, including Blue Rondo a la Turk, The Golden Horn, Take Five and others.