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Ennio Morricone | Musica Assoluta

Smetana Hall in Municipal House,

Seven years have passed since Maestro Ennio Morricone was first invited to Prague by the Prague Proms, and he’s developed an extraordinarily strong relationship with the Czech National Symphony Orchestra over that time. Aside from concerts at Prague’s O2 arena, he and a number of Czech musicians have travelled to most European countries, plus scooped up a number of awards including one Oscar.

On finishing his tour in November 2017, it wasn’t clear whether anyone wishing to see the Maestro perform would have to take a trip to his native country of Italy, however we’re pleased to announce that Ennio Morricone has accepted our invitation to Prague.

And what better venue than the Smetana Hall where he also appeared back in 2011. On this occasion he’ll be bringing the Musica Assoluta programme, which aside from film music, also includes some of his symphonic works which will certainly get the nod approval from fans, plus some of the most well-known encores. It’s also worth mentioning that Ennio Morricone will be celebrating his ninetieth birthday this year.




Ennio Morricone

  • The Bible "Creation & The Babel Tower"
  • Vuoto d'anima piena, Cantata Mistica for Flute, Choir and Orchestra
  • Giovanni Falcone, l'uomo che sfido Cosa Nostra
    Varianti su un segnale di polizia"
    (directed by Andrea & Antonio Frazzi 2006)
  • Sicilo e altri frammenti (2007)
  • Ostinato ricercare per un'immagine (2009)
  • Bugsy (directed by Barry Levinson 1991)
  • H2S (directed by Roberto Faenza 1969)
  • Metti, una sera a cena "Uno che grida amore"
    (directed by Giuseppe Patroni Griffi 1969)
  • Baaria "Tarantella" (Giuseppe Tornatore 2009)
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