Mnozil Brass

Mnozil Brass | CIRQUE

Smetana Hall in Municipal House,

Austrian brass septet Mnozil Brass hardly need much introduction to Prague Proms festival visitors. Repeated trips to Prague in recent years have earned them a considerable following over here and few would want to miss out on the opportunity to see and hear them once again.

Still the same group who studied together at the Wiener Universität für Musik and hung out at the Josef Mnozil Viennese pub back in the day, their performances centre on caricature and typical Austrian humour. Their repertoire spans a range of genres from classic to jazz, combining virtuoso playing with flawless musical interpretations to incredible effect, yet making it all look so effortless.

On what will be their third visit to Prague, the Mnozils will be bringing along their latest creative initiative – “Cirque”, best summed up by the group themselves: The earth is round. Humanity laughs. In a nutshell: The world is a circus. A Cirque, so to speak. Sounds better.“