Kutná hora, trumpeta

Václav Junek 90 | To Sir, with Love

Church of St. Barbara, Kutna Hora,

In terms of venue, all Prague Proms concerts take place in the capital except for those held in Kutná Hora’s St. Barbara Church. Of course it’s no exception that these concerts are among the most well attended of all. The “Barbara” most definitely boasts unmistakable charm, its association with great music almost always delivering a truly unique experience. In recent years a lovely tradition has developed to dedicate such concerts to Czech citizens who have played a key role in advancing perceptions about Czech musicians. This year’s concert will be devoted to an exceptional Czech musician who continues to be revered as an outstanding trumpeter and doyen of the Music Academy of Performing Arts in Prague.

The trumpeter and revered Prof. Václav Junek, whose active musical career came to an end in 1994 at the Czech Philharmonic, will turn ninety this year. His pupils included the very best of the best including Miroslav Kejmar, Vladimír Rejlek, Zdeněk Šedivý, Jan Hasenöhrl, Marek Vajo and Jiří Houdek to name but a few and this tribute to him put together by a number of his star pupils is well and truly deserving. This is an opportunity to come and listen to their dedicated tributes to the man through compositions by Bach, Händel and Telemann.

Here are a few words from the Czech Association of Trumpeters: “Václav Junek is not only an acclaimed trumpeter and teacher but primarily highly regarded for his ability to convey his boundless love of music and the trumpet to all those around him. Through his unwavering energy, he has been able to not only convince his students, but also all of those around him that all problems and obstacles can be overcome with the right amount of diligence and willpower.  We are all in awe of his lifelong eagerness and optimism which we gladly allow ourselves to be imbued with whenever we meet.”


  • Giuseppe Torelli
  • Johann Sebastian Bach
  • Georg Philip Telemann
  • Giovanni Gabrielli
  • Leoš Janáček


  • Trumpets:
  • Miroslav Kejmar, Jan Burian, Jan Hykrda, Vladimír Rejlek, Josef Matějka, Jiří Houdek, Roman Kubát, Jan Hasenöhrl
  • Organ:
  • Aleš Bárta
  • Timpani:
  • Jan Pišotra