Xavier Baumaxa

Xavier Baumaxa & Jazz Punk Trio

Mercedes Forum Praha,

Songwriter, guitarist and composer from Litvínov who describes himself as a regional-style country bumpkin with ever-growing geographical and inter-generational crossover.

This can be seen for instance in his duet with Marta Kubišová on his last album Idueto (spring 2017). Due to the revealing nature of his lyrics, his work doesn’t get much airtime on radio or TV. Thus Baumaxa’s main medium for sharing his music is at concerts – playing around a hundred each year. One of these will be in Prague as part of the Prague Proms festival where he will be performing for the first time.


  • Xavier Baumaxa, vocal and guitar
  • Matěj Benko, piano
  • Rasťo Uhrík, bass
  • Ondřej Pomajsl, drums